The current climate has shown how present racial inequality is in society today. This has made being an ally so important to help advocate for those that are not as privileged. Educating yourself on contemporary issues that may not be affecting you is the best way to close the equality gap that is plaguing our communities. It is also vital to ensure the voting rights of everyone eligible, empowering individuals to use their right to impact the trajectory of politics. This allows for the economy to be rebuilt in a responsible way that gives everyone a say. Bringing all members of society into political participation allows for small businesses to have more access to capital. Supporting local businesses that are often owned by minorities can help combat the systematic racism that makes it more difficult to succeed. Systematic racism plays a large role in dictating where you are able to locate your business, and the color of your skin should not determine your business’ address. Another aspect of life that racism impacts is fair lending practices. Anti-discrimination has a significant impact on nonwhites ability to gain access to capital. Having access to this capital opens up many possibilities for individuals to succeed, including educational achievement, paying for residence, and affording vehicles.

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