The Golden Rule and the U.S. Constitution

These are the ideas David Parker’s campaign is based around. Loving our neighbor means making sure everyone has equitable access to healthcare, economic opportunity, and education. Protecting our Constitutional rights means our Congress should safeguard our right to privacy, peaceful assembly, free and fair elections, and equal opportunity.


A healthy America is a strong America.

We need to be able to rely on efficient and universal distribution of COVID19 vaccines. We need a healthcare system where cost is not prohibitive for receiving lifesaving care. We need to remember the lesson of the Good Samaritan and its call for Universal Healthcare.

Universal basic health care is an opportunity to help small businesses get started – it reduces upfront costs associated with providing healthcare or workers compensation. Many small business owners care about the health of their employees and want to provide healthcare but simply can’t afford it. Universal healthcare would help keep those new small businesses going because those costs would be spread around amongst all of us, not just the business owners. Yes, it will cost money, but so do premiums, advertising, and duplicative administrative costs.


Our economy is as strong as we are.

Americans are the strongest workers on the planet — precisely because of our work ethic, our freedoms and our workforce diversity. The essential economic fundamentals for American economic strength are: being healthy (Universal Basic Healthcare), working smart (quality, affordable education), conserving the environment (green energy and slowing global warming), being open to all who want to work (DACA, immigration policies, civil justice, universal suffrage).

The work of Congress is to secure a firm foundation for both the American individual and American national strength through effective economic infrastructure and stimulus programs.

U.S. Constitution

America is as strong as each American’s Constitutional freedoms.

The work of Congress is to uphold the Constitutional freedoms of all Americans.

  • Freedom of the Press
  • Free elections
  • Freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Freedom of religion

Other Issues

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