Change That Works

We need to begin working for 2012 victory now. I am running for State Chair to bring “Change that Works” to our North Carolina Democratic Party. Continue reading

Fixing the Party, Regaining the Majority

The General Assembly will reconvene under Republican rule for the first time in 100 years. No one alive-- on either side of the aisle-- has ever practiced politics in this environment before. We are in entirely uncharted waters. [more]

Open Letter to SEC

There are great untapped resources on our State Executive Committee. Each of you has knowledge and experience that this organization needs if we want to be the true voice of the people of North Carolina. If you choose me as our next State Chair, we will convene Roundtables and Committees during our next SEC meetings, involving each and every one of you. [more]
Together we will fight the Republican Party in every precinct, every county, dollar for dollar, on the air and on the ground, voter by voter through a renewed grassroots effort that begins right now.

David Parker

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